Christian Believers: Bringing your Faith to Work

Aligning your Plans with God’s Plan (4 of 6)

As Christian Believers, we are invited to make a difference by bringing our faith to work. In the fourth post of this series, you’ll hear how I learned that I didn’t have to go halfway around the world to impact people. When delivering the commencement speech to University of Sioux Falls graduates, I challenge these Christian Believers to bring their faith to work and to make a difference 24/7. This is true for all of us also. To read this series from the beginning, go here.

Christian Believers, where are you going?As a college graduate 32 years ago, I map my plans. I’m going to become a medical missionary in Africa. Now, in an elevator of all places, the voice of the Holy Spirit invites me to do something completely, radically different. My belief that my greatest influence on the world was over there was being challenged. The truth is that God is most concerned about right here and bringing our faith to work, home…everywhere.

You can read the full transcript of the speech here.

Christian Believers, as you’re going…

We often think the Great Commission means we have to go to the furthest reaches of the earth. And for some, that is exactly the case. But the literal translation is: As you’re going.  As you’re going to the movies; as you’re going to the mall; and as you’re going into the marketplace—whatever your career. As Christian Believers bringing our faith to work, ministry moments await us, 24/7.

A couple of weeks ago I’m working with a company president to get his sales team into growth mode. He keeps checking his phone – he seems nervous. Eventually I ask him, “It looks like you’re awaiting an important call. What’s going on?”

He then tells me about his 13-year old daughter, who’s being bullied by the in-group of girls at school.  They have a parent meeting that night – his daughter is scared; his wife is nervous, and he, in the midst of all this, is trying to be strong.

As he’s telling me his story, I hear the still, small internal voice say, “Ask if you can pray with him?”

I respond, “You’ve gotta be kidding!  Right here? This is a boardroom, this isn’t church!”

What do you do when you hear that voice?

What will you do when you hear the voice?

I had my plans – great plans to do great work.  Yet, the Holy Spirit was guiding me in a different direction, to bring my faith to work.

In the next post I’ll tell you what happened when I decide to listen to the voice. Read the following post here.

Marketplace Minister’s Question: How do you react when you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Marketplace Minister’s Lesson: As Christian Believers, opportunities to minister are with us, everyday, everywhere – 24/7.

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